Other Walnut Village reviews:

From Elizabeth in an email to a sales manager
We love your campus. Your villa is the nicest we have seen and it is hard to forget it when we were comparison shopping. Walnut Village is beautiful!

From Katherine E. Connaghan, executive director, Orange Senior Center
Thank you and the awesome group of people who have the right stuff to care for our older population. Your community ‘resort’ is beautiful.

From Roger and Leslie in a letter to a sales manager
Thanks for your time and hospitality yesterday. While you took a great deal of time, from our perspective, it was quite valuable at a number of levels.

Overall, Walnut Village feels like a top-tier hotel or cruise ship. This was driven home by the beautiful plants and the finishes in the restrooms by the lobby as we prepared to leave. It was like a Four Seasons.

However, drilling in, the units were more spacious than expected, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen with excellent attention to quality of elements. The fixtures in the hallways were nicely upscale as well as, again, the finishes in a seemingly unimportant place. The Red Chair room looks a lot like our style as we typically have a drink while we fix dinner. Having a drink and socializing would be better.

The food in the Bistro was excellent and, obviously, residents enjoy and comment on it. One of the issues in any community living situation is that menus get too routine. The staff works hard at variety which shows with the length of the menus and, again, the quality.

Probably most important, was the feeling projected by the residents. The gentleman, Oscar?, who joined us at lunch was very engaging and also answered a nagging question about walking in the surrounding area. One of the activities we do every other day here is walk about 4 miles which seems to help with health at a lot of levels. That activity does seem available in the Walnut Village environment and we were uncertain about that before visiting with you.

Bottom line, we both were pleasantly surprised by what we saw versus our expectation arriving. We knew it would be a newer facility but could not anticipate the vibe inside. Lots of food for thought.

From resident Ann Young
What I love most about Walnut Village, I think, is the overall community. The fact that everything is here, the people are wonderful, we have a very social group, a very active, involved group of people who are very bright and who I enjoy talking with and spending time with.

From resident Chuck Rickertsen
What I like most about the Walnut Village is our happy hour. The time to get together and talk with other friends, maybe have a little bit of wine before we go in. Just in general. You also have a pool room right next door to The Red Chair Lounge and I go over and shoot pool with some of our friends some nights.

From resident Hazel Rickertsen
What surprised me most about Walnut Village was that Chuck does go over and shoot pool. He never was a pool player before. And he’s having a lot of fun learning new things.

From resident Bill Bryant
What I love most about Walnut Village is the exercise room. Before we moved in for a year we had been going to a place called “Nifty after Fifty” and I come here and I find exactly the same equipment. It’s nicely set up, nicely maintained. I go there just about every day.

From resident Elna Bryant
What I like most about Walnut Village is the wonderful sense of community and the sense of security and safety I have here, knowing that whatever happens there’s someone around who’s going to be able to handle the situation.